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What is Korba?
Korba is an electronic payment system which enables the transfer of funds across mobile networks, payment cards and banks.
What are the benefits of Korba?
  • No hidden charges
  • Detailed transaction history
  • Instant notification
  • Available on USSD
  • Works with rural banks
What makes Korba unique?
  • Korba allows you time to share life with those you love.
  • Real-time transactions, no traffic.
  • No wallet top-up problems.
  • Your money stays where you want it.
  • Who can use Korba?
    Korba is for everyone: individuals, associations, churches and corporate bodies.
    Who can sign up to Korba?
    Anyone who is eighteen years and above, and has a national ID can sign up. Minors (people under the age of 18 years) can be signed up by their parents/guardians in trust for them.
    Do I need to come to the office to sign up to Korba?
    NO. You can download the Korba mobile application from Google Play Store (android) or App Store(iOS) and sign up by filling in your details. You can also log on to www. Or dial *447*447#.
    Do I need an agent to sign up to Korba?
    NO. Just download the app onto your device and you are good to go.
    What details are required to sign up to Korba?
    Your personal details (Name, phone number, email address and a national ID number).
    Can I sign up to Korba if I have no money at the time of sign up?
    YES. All you need is the internet, any national ID you have, and a smart device (phone, tablet or computer).
    Can I sign up to Korba if I don’t have a bank account/wallet?
    YES. However, you need to have at least one existing bank account or mobile wallet to enjoy the full benefits of using Korba.
    How do I transfer funds with Korba?
    After signing in, you:
    • Select Funds transfer
    • Select Transfer to
    • Select Wallet type (Tigo Cash, MTN etc.)
    • Enter Wallet number (recipient’s mobile number)
    • Enter Amount
    • Enter Purpose
    • Select Sender’s wallet type
    • Enter Wallet number (sender’s number)
    • Confirm Payment
    • Wait for a notification to enter your PIN
    You will then receive a notification of a successful funds transfer.
    Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer on Korba?
    NO. This will depend on how much your bank or mobile network allows in a day.
    How do I make payments using Korba?
    After signing in, you:
    • Select Payment
    • Select the institution you are paying to
    • Select branch of institution, if any
    • Enter payment details of the institution (Branch, Reference, Amount, wallet type)
    • Confirm Payment
    • Wait for a notification to enter your PIN
    Finally, you will receive a notification of a successful payment
    Is there any service charge when I transfer or receive funds using Korba?
    YES. You are charged only when you transfer funds or make payment, but not when you receive.
    What happens if there is a network failure when undertaking a transaction?
    Your transaction status will be pending and either Korba or your network provider will send you a message to notify you.
    How many transactions am I allowed to make in a day with Korba?
    There is no limit in using Korba as long as there is sufficient balance in your account /wallet.
    Can I track my transactions on Korba?
    YES. Your transaction history is stored on Korba and can be accessed anytime.
    Can I deposit or withdraw CASH using Korba?
    No. Korba does not deal with physical cash.
    Can I have multiple accounts on Korba?
    YES. You can have multiple accounts. But since Korba does not hold funds, one account is okay.
    Can I have access to my bank statement using Korba?
    NO. Korba does not give bank statements, but can issue Korba transaction statements.
    How does my institution become a partner with Korba?
    Simply go to www., upload the required documents, and the Korba team will then contact you as soon as possible.
    How is my data protected under Korba?
    Korba is fully registered under The Data Protection Act, 2012 (Act 843). You are therefore assured of a secure service by Korba.
    Any penalties if I decide not to use Korba anymore?
    No penalties involved if you decide to discontinue using Korba.
    How do I contact the Korba Team in case I need assistance?
    You can contact the Korba call center via phone or WhatsApp (0200404010). We can also be reached on social media (korbaweb on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).